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Why a JavaScript course?

JavaScript (JS) is a front-end language used to program what the user sees in the browser window. It is one of the most important programming languages in the world. It is used by companies such as Facebook, Uber and PayPal.

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Why is it worth it?

JS is widely used for the development of websites, mobile applications, games and the Internet of Things, e.g. SmartTV or watches connected to your phone. Its ubiquity and versatility cause the demand for JavaScript specialists to grow.

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Who is it for?

The course starts by covering the fundamentals. If you want to create clear and intuitive websites and applications, and, at the same time, you have a sense of aesthetics, care about details, and like to see results of your work quickly - this course is for you.

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What will you learn?

You will get to know how to reproduce a web design in a browser window. You will adjust it both for a computer and mobile devices. You will learn to program animations and use information from databases.

JavaScript Developer course

Price: 1,999 €City: Prishtina 

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JavaScript Course Program

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Frequently asked questions

What are the characteristics of JavaScript?

JavaScript was cited as the most popular programming language by 64.96% of developers surveyed, according to the 2021 StackOverflow report. It is said to be the programming language that, along with knowledge of HTML and CSS, is the primary tool for programming websites or desktop and web applications.

The Java Script language is distinguished, among others, by

    • speed of operation,
    • ability to execute the script independently of the extension,
    • lack of dependence on the operating system,
    • relatively simple syntax

Due to the possibilities of this language, it is used mainly by front-end programmers. They use in their work both the knowledge of HTML, as well as CSS and JavaScript. The course in Coders Lab helps to put all these things together. Thanks to this, everyone who wants and plans to become a front-end developer will have a solid foundation to start working in the industry.

What is JavaScript programming?

The JS course is the beginning of your adventure with scripting and creating, for example, web pages. With the help of JavaScript you can enrich websites with:

  • animated graphics,
  • slideshows,
  • interactive forms

You can also control the way individual content appears.

That's what you need JavaScript for. The basics already give you the ability to set web pages in motion. The JavaScript developer decides how the page refreshes and changes without manual reloading.

Is it difficult to learn JavaScript?

It all depends on the level of knowledge you are starting from. If you have mastered the basics of HTML markup language, it will certainly be easier for you to assimilate and understand the initial elements of JavaScript. The basics also assume elements related to CSS.

However, our JavaScript Developer course is well thought and laid out so that everyone - regardless of their level, age, or education - will sequentially gain the knowledge and skills they need to start a career as a front-end developer.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS are the basics. JavaScript is closely related to them, but it offers far greater possibilities for programming websites or web applications. It's also probably one of the best languages to start your programming adventure with. Especially if you go on a JS course and learn under a mentor and lecturers.

Do I need to know the basics of JavaScript to take the course?

No. Our course program is designed so that all students - regardless of their level of knowledge - can take it.

Each course starts with a self-study phase, called the prework, which is a material for students to work through the basics of JS on their own. This gives everyone a chance to prepare for the classes. The purpose of the prework is also to equalize the level of knowledge of everyone in the group, which makes it possible to move on to practical issues on the first day of class.

What is the JavaScript course like?

One of the most popular courses in our offer is the one connected with JavaScript. Learning this language is relatively simple, and what is more, the language itself gives a lot of interesting possibilities.

We want everyone to be able to learn JavaScript. So we have structured the course in such a way that we guide the trainees step by step through all the topics that are necessary in their work.

The course consists of:

  • prework, i.e. self-study materials made available before the start of the class,
  • group classes with the lecturer,
  • individual work between the sessions,
  • examinations,
  • final project.

What opportunities do JavaScript developers have on the market?

A JS course opens the door to working in many interesting places. Due to the popularity of Java Script itself, a JavaScript developer has been in constant demand for many years.

As a JavaScript developer, you can work in e.g:

  • Start-ups,
  • Software houses,
  • Small companies,
  • Large corporations,
  • Marketing agencies.

A Java Script specialist at the junior stage - right after the course - earns on average EUR 3,000 monthly. However, thanks to your work and determination in the IT industry, earnings change quickly. Especially in such needed positions as a JavaScript programmer.