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A career in IT - see what it can look like

Our courses will help you find a job in IT. What your career in IT will look like depends on the technology you choose and the company you end up in. We have prepared an overview of the development path of a graduate after taking a programming course.


Get to know the opinions of employers in IT

They are the ones who verify the quality of Coders Lab courses and evaluate the work of our graduates.


See where our graduates work

After the Coders Lab course, you can look for a job both in small software houses and big corporations. Our graduates work in the best IT companies in Poland and abroad.

Check which companies are hiring IT specialists

After the course you will be faced with the question - where would I like to work? See what options you have.

Para absolwentów dostała pracę po kursie


The largest companies in which programmers can work. Initial requirements in corporations are higher than in other companies. The advantages of corporations are great opportunities for development and a good salary.

Software house

They create small to medium-sized bespoke systems. Projects last from 3 to 12 months. Some require ongoing maintenance. You work in teams of several people. You will learn many new skills.

Marketing agency

They make online ads, banners, mailings, websites, and complex web applications. Working in a marketing agency is very dynamic as you often work on several projects at once.


These are young companies that often implement new products and technologies. Well-managed start-ups can become large organisations. Your work can have a big impact on the growth and dynamics of the whole company.


You can look for assignments straight after the course. You enrich your portfolio and gain additional experience. However, you are both boss and employee. The reward is freedom - you set the rules of your work…

Game studio

Here, you will test or create some of the more exciting products in the IT industry. Expectations for developers and testers are high due to the exorbitant demands of users.

Ask us about jobs after the course!

Not sure if a course is enough to enter the IT industry? Contact us and find out about the current market situation.

During an interview with an advisor, you will find out:

  • what practical skills you learn on the course,
  • which institutions and sectors require programmers,
  • what professional support we offer,
  • how our graduates are doing.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I get a new profession after completing the IT course?

Yes, Coders Lab bootcamp enables you to look for a job in the IT industry immediately after the course. By completing our course you can look for a job as a junior. 

What are the chances that I will find a job after the course?

Very high! We don't guarantee a job after the course, however, we are very proud of the fact that most of our graduates have found a job in IT within 3 months after the course. If you want to know their stories and see how they made it, go here

Is the curriculum of your courses aligned with expectations of employers?

Our course program is developed in cooperation with IT employers so that it meets the real needs of the market. During the course, you learn maximum practice and minimum theory.

All detailed information can be found above, on this page.

How much will I earn in my first job after the course?

Your salary will depend on:

  • the course you choose (front end, back end, tester)
  • the company you join (corporation, software house, marketing agency, etc.)
  • the form of employment you choose (B2B, contract of mandate, contract of specific work)

In general, for example after a programming course at a junior position, you can expect between EUR 23,500 - 48,000 (annual salary). You will earn more after back-end courses as opposed to front-end courses. A higher salary and a more standardized remuneration system will be provided by a large company or corporation, as opposed to a small software house.